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Organ and Harpsichord

- Several concert programs suitable for various historical (or in historical style) organs - with or without Cantus Planus in alternatim. Italian, German, French, English, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and Polish works from the early Renaissance to the beginning of the 19th-century.

- Marco Antonio Cavazzoni: Keyboard works

- Girolamo Cavazzoni: Organ works

- Jan z Lublina: Keyboard Tablature (organ, harpsichord, spinett, clavichord, regale and chamber organs)

- Selection from the Pelplin Tablature

- G. Frescobaldi: Fantasias (harpsichord)

- G. Frescobaldi: Capricci (harpsichord)

- G. Frescobaldi: Toccatas (harpsichord and organ)

- G. Frescobaldi: Fiori musicali di diverse Compositioni (alternatim with the Cantus Planus)

- J. K. Kerll: Complete keyboard works (harpsichord and organ)

- G. F. Händel: Six Fugues (organ or harpsichord)

- G. F. Händel: Suites (harpsichord)

- Louis Couperin: Pièces pour clavecin

- Fr. Couperin: Ordres (harpsichord)

- D. Scarlatti : Harpsichord Sonatas

- Girolamo Frescobaldi e J. S. Bach: Eine Ökumenische Missa zwischen Römischer und Lutherischer OrgeltraditionRömischer und Lutherischer Orgeltradition (Ecumenical Mass between Roman and Lutheran organ tradition)

- J. S. Bach: Aufrichtige Anleitung 1723 (Inventiones et Symphoniae)

- J. S. Bach: French Suites (one or two concerts)

- J. S. Bach: English Suites (one or two concerts)

- J. S. Bach: Triosonatas (pedal harpsichord or organ)

- J. S. Bach: Clavierübung I, 1731 (one or two concerts)

- J. S. Bach: Wohltemperiertes Clavier II (one or two concerts)

- J. S. Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge (harpsichord)

- J. S. Bach: Several harpsichord programs

- J. S. Bach: Dritter Theil der Clavierübung, 1739 (one or two concerts)

- J. S. Bach: Schübler-Choräle and Canonische Veränderungen über “Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her“

- J. S. Bach: Praeludia et Fugae, Toccate and Fantasie alternated with Choralvorspiele

- W. Fr. Bach: Organ works

- W. Fr. Bach: harpsichord (or clavichord) music

- C. Ph. Em. Bach: harpsichord (or clavichord) music

- C. Ph. Em. Bach: Organ Sonatas

- Organ/Harpsichord music of the Bach family

- Central German organ music by Krebs, Kirnberger, Homilius, Oley, Kittel and others from the Bach circle

- W. A. Mozart: Three pieces for mechanical organ (four hands)

- W. A. Mozart: organ program

- W. A. Mozart: harpsichord program

- The Harpischord in the 19th-century – works by Beethoven, Clementi, Boëly, Alkan, Brahms, Kalkbrenner and Moscheles

- A. P. F. Boëly: Organ music

- F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonatas and Preludes and Fugues

- German Romantic organ music (Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Kirchner)

- Several organ programs with 19th-century European works

- J. Brahms: Elf Choralvorspiele für die Orgel Op. Post. 122 (1896)

- P. Hindemith: Organ Sonatas


Chamber Music

- 17th-century vocal and instrumental music from Italy, Germany and England

- J. S. Bach: Sonatas for violin and harpsichord

- J. S. Bach: Sonate for viola da gamba and harpsichord (also with violoncello piccolo)

- J. S. Bach: Sonatas for traversiere and harpsichord

- J. S. Bach: Concerts for harpsichord and strings

- J. S. Bach: Trios

- J. S. Bach: Musikalisches Opfer



- Antonio Scandello: Masses, German Lieder and Motets

- Antonio Scandello: Passion

- Antonio Scandello: Canzonette alla napolitana and secular German Lieder

- Heinrich Schütz: Madrigals

- Heinrich Schütz: Symphoniae sacrae

- Heinrich Schütz: Weihnachtshistorie and other Concerti

- Heinrich Schütz: Cantiones sacrae

- Heinrich Schütz: Passions

- Heinrich Schütz: Auferstehungshistorie and Sieben Worte Jesu Christi

- Giacomo Carissimi: Oratorios

- The heritage of Collegium Germanicum in the North of Europe: the diffusion of Vincenzo Albrici and Marco Giuseppe Peranda Sacred Concerti in the transalpine world

Vincenzo Albrici (1631-1690/96): Sperate in Deo, Quantus amor Jesu, O bone Jesu, Symphony for two violins and continuo
Marco Giuseppe Peranda (1625-1675): Abite dolores, Accurite gentes, O bone Jesu per dulce nomen tuum, Quo tendimus mortales? Quis dabit capiti meo aquas? Timor et tremor, Te solum aestuat
Diderik Buxtehude (1637-1707): Jesu dulcis memoria - Chiaccona
Kaspar Foerster (1616-1673): Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas
Opere di Johann Kaspar Kerll, Johann Schelle, Capricornus, Christian Geist

- Vincenzo Albrici: Mass for the Dresden court

- Vincenzo Albrici, Bartolomeo Albrici, Giovanni Battista Draghi: Chamber music at the court of King Charles II of England and of the Elector Johann Georg II of Saxony - Cantatas and harpsichord music between London and Dresden

- Diderik Buxtehude: Membra Jesu nostri patientis sanctissima

- Giovanni Battista Draghi: Ode to S. Cecilia, poem by John Dryden

- Giovanni Angelini Bontempi: Il Paride

- Angelini Bontempi-Marco Giuseppe Peranda: Daphne

- Carlo Pallavicino: Gerusalemme liberata

- Johann Sebastian Bach: Missa tota in B minor

- Bach’s Lutheran Missae: Catholic music written for the Bohemian chapel of the Count Spork?

- Johann Sebastian Bach: Weihnachtsoratorium

- Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerti da chiesa

- Johann Sebastian Bach: Drammi per musica

- Antonio Lotti: Teofane

- Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Sacred cantatas

- W. A. Mozert: Mass in C minor

- W. A. Mozart: Requiem

- W. A. Mozart: Don Giovanni (number of player according to the first Prague performance)